Xerox Rebranding

On January 7, 2008, Xerox unveiled the most sweeping changes to its logo and brand in the companyss history. CEO Anne Mulcahy and president Ursula Burns hosted a town hall meeting and live webcast that first revealed the new logo and brand identity to Xerox’s 57,000 global employees.

Xerox Rebranding

Developed with Interbrand, the new identity is a big departure from previous changes to the brand. The new logo better reflects Xerox today, a company that has transformed itself in recent years far beyond its roots in copier systems. The new design is meant to make people pause, and take a new look at the iconic brand.

You can see the full press release and the new brand identity, including the new wordmark with symbol here. The company’s award-winning advertising will be updated immediately. Xerox will start changing the logo on products, facilities, vehicles and marketing materials over the next 18 months.

Resources: Xerox (Xerox Unveils Biggest Change to Its Brand in Company History) | Interbrand (the story of Transforming an Iconic Brand)


~ by addicted2b3 on January 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Xerox Rebranding”

  1. I prefer using the new Ricoh Color product line over the Xerox Color line.

    Ricoh has stronger and better systems, speaking from experience.

    I wouldnt doubt it, if this post gets removed, since Xerox doesnt want people to know the truth.

    Thank goodness, for Ricoh and The Copier Group.
    I bought a system through

    Xerox used to be fine for me, but the Guys at The Copier Group were so helpful, they let me know that Ricoh was a better way to go…

    Thanks Ricoh.

  2. Although the article was regarding the Xerox, I would not argue with you on the Xerox products quality/reliability issue. More than that, your comment will not be deleted or “marked as spam”, since I’m not a Xerox representative or a Xerox business partner. 🙂

    Xerox has always been an important “icon” among world’s most well known global brands, so I would keep the discussion on the corporate / visual communication field, rather than on comparing and judging the technical aspects of their products vs. competitors’.

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